I write book reviews for Geist.

forging her own path

A story on the inspiring filmmaker Asia Youngman written for Pacific Rim Magazine.

chau veggie express

Food review on Chau Veggie Express, a vegetarian restaurant on Victoria Drive, written for Pacific Rim Magazine’s food section.


untold histories

A feature story on Indigenous perspectives in the BC K-12 curriculum, written for Pacific Rim Magazine

fearless fiction

Substantive editing on Marie Adamo’s piece, Fearless Fiction, for Pacific Rim Magazine.

creating puglie pug

Substantive editing on Caroline Kim’s article, Creating Puglie Pug, for Pacific Rim Magazine.

a better measure of success

Substantive editing on Marie Adamo’s article, A Better Measure of Success, for Pacific Rim Magazine.

photoshop composite

A photoshop composite I created based on a depressing break-up jam.

bon goût magazine cover

To achieve an elegant look for Bon Goût’s cover, I offered art direction to photographers and designed the cover and its cover lines.


greeting card design

An inclusion-themed greeting card I designed for Creative Mornings, a monthly event that celebrates creatives.