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Social Media & Design: Learn a little about my design process and see some of my artwork for Anxiety Canada.

I specialize in creating a wide range of visuals, from professional and minimalist to trendy and playful. Each project offers a unique opportunity to exercise my creativity, crafting dynamic design options tailored to client needs.

I love how design is always evolving and represents open-mindedness, a trait I value, in many ways. I thrive on the adapting with the evolution of design and staying current with trends while valuing design best practices and principles that convey your message clearly and effectively. My approach balances graphic design fundamentals with a willingness to experiment, ensuring branding visuals stand out, whether through embracing clean & classic or bold & innovative design.

With a keen eye for detail in typography, spacing, and layout, I pride myself on being able to deliver compelling graphic design work. With an advanced skill level in Adobe InDesign and Canva and intermediate to advanced grasp of the entire Adobe Creative Suite, I am able to easily create visuals or use my deep understanding of industry-standard software to collaborate with designers, illustrators, photographers, and other consultants.

At Anxiety Canada, I manage and track our social media, ensuring the content I create resonates with our audience. Since joining in 2022, I’ve increased our social reach (in 2021, AC accounts gained 3.7 million impressions total, while I helped gain 7.6 million impressions in 2022 and 7.2 million in 2023, a 97% increase from 2021), driving over 85.2K content interactions/engagements in 2023 alone.

I also boosted video views across our social platforms by 600% through creating new short-form video series (with 4.2 million views in 2023 across our apps) and launching a company TikTok account (3.6 million impressions and counting!). Additionally, I have increased our overall social media following by 27% since 2021.

Here are some examples of my social media work for Anxiety Canada.

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