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Social Media: My work on a video project aimed at making mental health education accessible & engaging.

I had the privilege of working on a short-form video project aimed at making mental health education accessible and engaging. Working closely with my colleagues, Health Literacy Lead, Pargol, and in-house Registered Clinical Counsellor and Educator, Mark, I contributed in several key areas:

  • Script Review and Editing: Ensured content was accurate and clear.
  • On-Set Direction: Assisted in directing during filming to bring our vision to life.
  • Publishing and Optimization: Managed uploads to Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts, optimizing each for maximum reach and engagement.
  • Paid Media Campaigns: Coordinated and ran campaigns to promote the series.
  • Landing Page Enhancement: Assisted in editing and reviewing the project’s landing page.
  • Content Ideation: Brainstormed and developed compelling video ideas and assisted in topic selection.

Repeat after me: Good enough IS good enough! Break free from perfectionistic thinking with these tips and more (????). #perfectionism #perfectionist #anxiety #anxietyrelief #anxietytips #anxietytools Remember: TikTok isn’t therapy ???? Our tips are here to guide you on your mental health journey, but this content isn’t a substitute for professional help. If you’re struggling with anxiety or other mental health challenges, please reach out to a qualified mental healthcare professional.

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The series aimed to make learning about anxiety fun and approachable, covering topics like living with an anxiety disorder, managing perfectionism, and understanding cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT). Learn more about the series here.

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