bon goût magazine cover

To achieve an elegant look for Bon Goût's cover, I offered art direction to photographers and designed the cover and its cover lines.

magazine design and art direction

The magazine cover pictured above involved many elements: I was responsible for the budget, planning, and art direction of the photoshoot; I organized photographers; I designed the look of the cover and cover lines. The photoshoot took place at Juniper Bar in Vancouver, and I knew it would be the perfect location. Juniper exudes elegant energy; that feeling was exactly what I wanted for Bon Goût’s cover.

the goal for the look

I used an image from Juniper Bar’s public Instagram page (@junipervancouver) and arranged cover lines using InDesign to illustrate the aesthetic I wanted. I showed the photographers this mock-up along with a mood board I created in InDesign; they worked hard to capture the look and feel I desired. Again using InDesign, I created the final cover using a gorgeous shot by Drew Schmidt. The result is a sophisticated yet inviting cover.

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