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When I like something, well… I really, really like it.

And when I obsess over said thing, I somehow behave like it’s my responsibility to spread the word about how awesome it is. For example, do you want to talk about how much I have always loved the old ABC-network television series Boy Meets World? Okay, how much time do you have??? Do you have maybe a few hours to spare and some Kleenex for when I tear up reciting Mr. Feeny’s last words of the series??? … You can only imagine how my partner—a very private individual—feels about my propensity to gush (I just *think it is a true fact* that he was created in a lab because he is so perfect; I can’t keep that inside). Yeah…he is basically in perpetual cringe mode when he meets people who have heard so many great things about him.

This inherent need to enthusiastically speak about things that I think are great applies to my dietary preferences (I think everyone who has ever met me knows how much I enjoy peanut butter). I eat drink that stuff like it’s water (I don’t actually drink it like a liquid, I eat it by the spoonful like a normal person the addict that I am). Thus, when I found Meet on Main, another obsession began.

Photo Credit: Meet on Main; main website.

Meet on Main is a gorgeous restaurant in Mount Pleasant on—you guessed it—Main Street (4288 Main, to be exact). The decor is cute and cozy, and the restaurant itself is a decent size. It has an inviting vibe, perfect for a date or a dinner with friends. Meet on Main is good for groups because there is something for EVERYONE on this amazing menu. The menu reads:

All menu items are vegan AND gluten free
unless otherwise noted with substitutions suggested

This is REAL LIFE. As a gluten free gal, I am used to decoding different menus to find out what I can eat, rapidly scanning the words and symbols on the list like I’m Robert Langdon from the Da Vinci Code.

There’s something for your vegan friends, your gluten-free friends, and your friends who just love amazing food (so probably all of your friends). Parenthetically, the kitchen is not an official gluten-free kitchen; you will get the usual spiel from servers about how the restaurant does their best to avoid cross-contamination, but cannot guarantee zero traces of gluten. However, the dishes that are gluten-free outnumber the ones that aren’t, leaving me feeling #blessed.

Despite the fact that there is no meat and not much wheat on the menu, the food is FAR from boring and fuuull of flavour. Most dishes could be filed under comfort food (like my FAVOURITE dish, right below), while some dishes like the Macro Bowl are evidently hella nutritious.

What is this??? you ask (except you probably didn’t ask because those hashtags are informative AF). It is absolutely delicious and amazing Mac n’ Cheez. No cheese was harmed in the making of this Mac n’ “Cheez.” It’s a cashew-cheese sauce that haunts my dreams – in a good way. The sauce is creamy and generously spread throughout the perfect pile of brown-rice pasta. I usually opt out on the added chilli option listed on the menu next to it, as I find the meal to be VERY filling. You may not find it as filling and invite the scoop of chilli with epic enthusiasm, and that is just your journey.

I get my (amazing) partner to split the Mac n’ Cheez with me sometimes, and we pair it with either the Hot Chiggin’ Things salad or one of the many fries-creations on the side, like the TeeM Poutine. 

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Obviously, I feel strongly about these dishes, but there are so many more worthwhile items to order. There are appetizers (a universal favourite is the Sweet Chili Cauliflower which is deep-fried in gluten free beer batter and glazed with chili-ginger sauce and sesame seeds), salads, burgers, bowls and sweet desserts.

I can truly say that every other dish I have witnessed/ had the pleasure of enjoying or sampling myself has been absolutely excellent. In addition to the extensive options in food dishes, there is a splendid selection of craft cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. All wine and draughts are local, craft and Vegan, and there are gluten-free options as well, of course. If you make it in between 3PM and 5PM, or 10PM and close, you can get sleeves of Philips Lager for $4 (along with discounted Groovy Gravy fries). In the non-alcoholic drinks section, there’s house-made sparkling lemonade, a great Kombucha drink that even Kombucha-haterz would probably enjoy, and house-made ginger shrub beer, to name a few. I also love having the option of their fresh filtered soda water with a splash of fresh juice for $1.75.

You can look at their actual menu here, or you can check out their Instagram which will leave you overwhelmed in awe and hunger. If you aren’t in the South Main area often, the owners also opened a second location in Gastown (aptly titled MeeT in Gastown). My reaction to that news was much like this:

It is in the inner courtyard area at 12 Water Street. I pop in every time I’m in Gastown, which is usually to get my hair done at Brush, by the most amazing hair magician in all the land. (More on that another day, perhaps.)

ALRIGHT. I hope that after all that rambling, you will try this place for yourself. I am in no way associated with the restaurant(s) or being paid to say any of this, I’m just a gluten-free, dairy-sensitive fangirl who never shuts up about what she loves. That’s just my journey.

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